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Shared Insecurities Can Swallow A Life

Mostly, groupism and favouritism are based on commonality and shared goals with a mix of shared Insecurities.

These groups are everywhere. Not only in outside world but inside world too. Be it a office, school, college, neighborhood or home. None of them are totally untouched from groupism.

A group in office can segregate a colleague based on his/her language, class, ethics, values, strengths or weaknesses. The group makes him/her feel leftover, not valued, not worthy. The group goes insensitive and the individual either quit the job or fights alone(which is rare). The group go to any length to make the individual feel bad about himself/herself. Think before acting as a group to humiliate someone. Your one egoistic act can damage a person completely. We are social animals and want to be included not excluded.

Suppose in a family, one member has different approach to life, different opinion to share, different outlook on life. Where other members of the family have maximum commonality and start acting as a group in every matter. As group they make the person feel bad about his/her whole personality. They tag her with adjectives. As a result the individual goes far far away from the family in heart and mind. Or he/she may develop a negative self-image which lead him/her into depression. The families needs to revisit their sensitivity aspect. No one is born to get insulted.

A group of students forms out of their common interests, goals and shared Insecurities. They are best students and sense of superiority is high. This group does not let anyone go above them. This group tries to bring others down using any means to maintain and secure their best status. This attitude can damage a simple, average student for life.

Above are just three scenarios. There are many more around us. We tend to judge others based on our group identity, out of our shared Insecurities. Life should be equal for all irrespective of ideological differences.

Can we revisit the school of Kindness? Can we just practice gratitude, generosity? A life is more important than any superiority complex. Can we include those who are different from us? Can we just say bye to our shared Insecurities to celebrate every single life around us?

Before it swallows a life and we are left with only regrets. Come out of protective shell. If you want a difference to come to mingle with you then you too as a group take few steps to mingle with the difference, before it is too late!!

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